For over 30 years I’ve created jewellery. Literally thousands of earrings & bracelets, hundreds of rings and pendants and assorted “other” goodies to adorn the body. I’ve sold these at markets, home parties, to friends and family and at one stage, we were in 144 jewellery stores around Australia. I now sell exclusively online. When we spent five years in Mexico, and a few years in California and ten years in Washington, I continued selling my treasures. Now, having lived in Australia for nearly 23 years, countless Aussie women have my pieces. Many women are serious collectors. (You know who you are!)

Occasionally, I wonder where all the jewellery is.  Who’s arm, ears or neck do they enhance? In what jewellery box do they lie? On what special occasion has the piece come out to party? Who has worn their pieces and then passed them along?

I regularly have customers who tell me their “Renee Blackwell Jewellery” stories. You know, where and when they got a certain piece. Who they were with when they bought said piece, or who bought it for them? On what occasion did they receive it. Birthday, Christmas, anniversary, graduation or wedding. Oh, the stories they could tell! You see, the jewellery you’re wearing is a part of you and your experience. It sits on your finger as you fly across the world on a jet. Dances from your ears, as you sing, clap and dance at your favourite concert. You touch and stroke the pendant around your neck, as you contemplate what to order at a special restaurant.

Because of this, I am connected. I am connected to you, dear Renee jewellery enthusiast. Just as I am connected with each bead, every stone or button, every single component, in every single piece of finished jewellery to emerge from the studio.

Next time you reach for your favourite Renee piece, remember the bond we share together, and wear your Renee jewels with the satisfaction that through your jewellery choices you are honoured, appreciated and connected!


London Silver Vaults

March 8, 2021

I last visited London five years ago. At that time we visited every button, antique, haberdashery, rock and gem shop available. Spending every single moment, of every single day (ten days in all) sourcing treasures to work with in my jewellery creations. I had heard about the London Silver Vaults, but had not carved out the time to go in previous visits. This time, we made it a priority, and I’m so glad we did.

The London Silver Vaults is a large subterranean market that opened as The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit on 7 May 1885. Originally renting out strong rooms to hold household silver, jewellery and documents, it transitioned to housing silver dealers in secure premises a few years later.
The Vaults boasts 29 specialist shops; each one a treasure trove of beautifully crafted antique and modern silver, and jewellery, dating from the early 1600s to the present day.
Today, it is the home of silver shopping and a true hidden gem; well-loved by international royalty, film stars and discerning shoppers seeking the world’s finest silver.
All of the vault owners are independent retailers and many are third generation family businesses, with expert knowledge and a rich history. From silver tableware, cutlery, decorative pieces and gifts, to fine jewellery and rare collectors’ items: the Vaults sells the widest variety of silver in the world. The outside of the building is not really impressive, but once inside and deep into the “guts” of the vaults, it’s a whole different opulent world!

Of course I was not looking for finished jewellery, rather unique and interesting cutlery to be used in my earrings and ring creations. I was not disappointed! Entering each shop/vault I drooled as they brought out one remarkable cutlery set after another. I was really clear as to what I was looking for. The cutlery needed to be in perfect condition, with interesting and beautiful patterns, not the usual “Cheap and Cheerful” cutlery available at second hand shops and the like. I wanted a step above. At the end of a very long afternoon, I walked away with several sets, which have now been transformed into my bespoke jewellery.
Below are a few examples, with both pairs of earrings available. The ring is part of my own jewellery collection, but if you’re interested in spoon rings, let me know and I can send thru’ a few photos of availability. (They are not on my website.)
I hope this little peek into just one of the many places I’ve sourced goodies over the years gives you an idea of the this part of my process.
Check out all the latest & greatest jewellery on my website here: https://www.reneeblackwelldesign.com/

Jewels & Journeys

Feb. 17, 2021

Walking thru’ life…

I asked my Facebook followers a few days ago “what do you do for exercise?” I received a few answers, which consisted of “a bit of this, a bit of that” with many just saying they try and stay active, which we all know is better than nothing.
Me? Well, I walk, and walk and you know….walk!
It’s not always been like this. I was a total fitness nut in the 80’s and 90’s and taught aerobics for 16 years. And when I say Aerobics I mean Hard. Core. Aerobics. You may or may not remember the fanatical fitness frenzy during those years, but yep, that was me.
I finally “mellowed” into yoga, thank God! This happened when hubby and I spent the better part of five years living in Mexico, where I stumbled upon a lovely Yoga teacher. I loved the combination of gentleness and strength and vowed to never again pound my body. In the years since then I have continued with Yoga, at times in classes and at times on my own.
But thru’ all of the years, it’s walking that has sustained me.
When I’ve been in my jewellery studio for 8 straight hours and can hardly stand up straight…I go for a walk.
When I’m overwhelmed in any way….I go for a walk.
When my lovely border collie Jasper looks at me in that special way…WE go for a walk.
When I’ve been on the computer processing jewellery orders and I can hardly see straight…I go for a walk.

I live 10 k (6 miles) down a dirt road, on a rural property, and my feet know every single inch of this road. Every tree, every bush, every cow, camel (yes, our neighbors have camels), every lama and every dog. I walk on my own. I walk with my hubby. I walk with my dog. I walk with my faithful walking partner Mary, who has walked with me nearly every Monday morning for 18 years! And a newer walking buddy, Glori and I now go on Thursdays.

Why do I share this in “Jewels & Journeys?” Well, walking makes me a better person. A better spouse. A better jeweller and business woman. It clears my mind and takes me out of my head and into nature. I look up and see the sky, the rain, the clouds and the fresh air.

So, if you’re looking for me, I may be at the computer, in my studio, relaxing with a book or perhaps…walking thru’ life!


Welcome to Jewels & Journeys-First installment!

Jan. 27, 2021

Welcome to the first installment of “Jewels & Journeys with Renee”.

It’s hard to know where to start. The beginning of my jewellery journey, the years in the middle, or what’s happening currently in my jewellery world. I have customers who have been purchasing my designs almost from the day I started, way back in the late 70’s, as a struggling college student. And now because of Covid, I have a whole new audience of women purchasing my jewellery for the first time. I can only put this down to more time spent online and more people comfortable ordering from a web based business. Word of mouth is also important, and I have always had first time orders from women who “saw your pieces” on their girlfriend. I have sold thousands of pieces of my (mostly) one of a kind treasures—collected & enjoyed by countless women far and wide.

Sri Lanka-Pearl of the Indian Ocean & Teardrop of India!

Today’s journey, randomly selected, is a peek into my trip to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, a few years ago. Hubby and I spent 10 remarkable days journeying from one end of the island to the other. The main focus as always with my travels, is sourcing goodies to create with, in this case gemstones. Sri Lanka is known for its tea, lush beauty and of course Sapphires, and it was mainly Sapphires we were after. We visited stone cutting workshops, ruff’ and raw stone shops, and ultimately two sapphire mine, which was one of the best parts of the trip. (See photo of me me standing at one of these mines.)

As always, the highlights of our travels is meeting people, and this trip to Sri Lanka was no different. We became fast friends with our driver who carefully and thoughtfully drove us for the better part of a week. We also became buddies with some of the guys at the mines, although they were never able to talk me down into one, no matter how much they tried! (See photos.)

We did source some nice sapphires and other semi precious stones that I’ve used in my jewellery creations, but the real joy of the trip was the majestic beauty of the island.

The trip ended on Valentines Day, with a last night in the Capital city of Colombo. We spent just one night at the most amazing boutique hotel, complete with a butler for each room. This was the first and only time this has happened in all my travels, and let me just say, it was a bit delightful!

We woke up at the crack of dawn the next day and made our way to the airport and flew on to India, for another two weeks, again sourcing stones. That’s another story for another post.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into one of my many trips and travels around this remarkable planet, we call home!