Falkland Island & the Penguins!

Travel…What’s That?
There was a time, not so long ago (pre-Covid), when I traveled a lot. I come from a long line of travelers, grew up traveling with my family and it’s in my blood. As the years passed, I continued on my own, traveling the four corners of the world. When I started creating jewellery, I just could not find the unusual, interesting and unique components close at hand. So began the 25 year journey, which combined travel and sourcing goodies to work with. With Covid, the brakes went on last March, for me and the rest of the world. No. More. Travel. Even travel within Australia is a concern, with regular border closures. I have thought about my adventures often in recent months, reminiscing on the joys and stresses of international travel. I have sourced buttons from antique dealers in Paris, Argentina and London. Semi-precious stones from countries to numerous to count, but India and Sri Lanka among my favourite. I have attended the international Button show in the USA and the smaller, yet still fabulous one in Melbourne. My favourite source for pearls is from an old fella’ I’ve been visiting at SE Asia’s largest market, in Bangkok, Thailand, for many years. When I was in South America about ten years ago on a buying trip with my lovely 90 (!) year old Mom, we spent a few days on the Falkland Islands. Here is the photo (sorry, not great quality) of me, at a remarkable Penguin Rookery. And yes, it was as cold as it looked, yet utterly wonderful. So, who knows when I will be sitting on a plane again, awaiting those magic words: “Ladies and Gents, buckle up, we’re ready for take off.” In the meantime, memories are a wonderful substitute.