About Renée

Welcome to “Harmony House” the workshop and studio of acclaimed jeweller, Renée Blackwell. Nestled amidst the serenity of her picturesque 50-acre Eco-property in South East Queensland, this haven serves as the birthplace of Renée’s exceptional jewellery collections.

With a design philosophy rooted in bespoke craftsmanship, Renée embarked on her journey into the world of adornment three decades ago during a transformative expedition to East Africa. This pivotal experience ignited a lifelong passion for the art of jewellery, propelling her towards the pursuit of beauty in all its forms. Combining artistry and jewellery, Renée’s creations reflect her ceaseless curiosity and commitment to pushing the boundaries of her craft.

“I consider myself blessed to embark on international journeys each year, sourcing gemstones, beads, antique buttons, and vintage artefacts. These unique treasures, collected from some of the world’s most remote corners, find their way into my designs, enriching each piece with a story of its own,” shares Renée. Her travels extend beyond the mere acquisition of materials, fostering connections with remarkable individuals across diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. Through these encounters, both personal and professional doors have opened, leaving an deep impression on Renée’s life.

Returning to the tranquility of her studio, Renée channels the inspiration gathered from her explorations into crafting jewellery that transcends the ordinary. “In this harmonious environment, I weave together elements of peace, joy, and inspiration to create jewellery that nourish and uplift. Each piece is a reflection of my journey, a testament to who I am and all that I have become,” she affirms. As you embrace your favourite treasure, know that each piece is meticulously designed and created with love, inviting you to share in the passion that defines Renee Blackwell’s life’s work.