For over 30 years I’ve created jewellery. Literally thousands of earrings & bracelets, hundreds of rings and pendants and assorted “other” goodies to adorn the body. I’ve sold these at markets, home parties, to friends and family and at one stage, we were in 144 jewellery stores around Australia. I now sell exclusively online. When we spent five years in Mexico, and a few years in California and ten years in Washington, I continued selling my treasures. Now, having lived in Australia for nearly 23 years, countless Aussie women have my pieces. Many women are serious collectors. (You know who you are!)

Occasionally, I wonder where all the jewellery is.  Who’s arm, ears or neck do they enhance? In what jewellery box do they lie? On what special occasion has the piece come out to party? Who has worn their pieces and then passed them along?

I regularly have customers who tell me their “Renee Blackwell Jewellery” stories. You know, where and when they got a certain piece. Who they were with when they bought said piece, or who bought it for them? On what occasion did they receive it. Birthday, Christmas, anniversary, graduation or wedding. Oh, the stories they could tell! You see, the jewellery you’re wearing is a part of you and your experience. It sits on your finger as you fly across the world on a jet. Dances from your ears, as you sing, clap and dance at your favourite concert. You touch and stroke the pendant around your neck, as you contemplate what to order at a special restaurant.

Because of this, I am connected. I am connected to you, dear Renee jewellery enthusiast. Just as I am connected with each bead, every stone or button, every single component, in every single piece of finished jewellery to emerge from the studio.

Next time you reach for your favourite Renee piece, remember the bond we share together, and wear your Renee jewels with the satisfaction that through your jewellery choices you are honoured, appreciated and connected!