Lovely Antique Crystal Perfume Stopper Statement Pendant #FBP


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Renee says: “Stunning one of a kind “Antique Crystal Perfume Stopper Pendant” guaranteed to delight! I have set this wonderful piece in solid sterling silver and added a five fresh water pearls for added beauty. Without a doubt a most wonderful “statement” piece, sure to delight. Easy to wear this pendant on a silver chain, cuff/collar or pearls. See further description below.”

Length: 3 inches   76.2mm   See photo of pendant next to Australian 1.00 coin for size reference.

One of a kind. Does not include chain, pearls or black cuff as shown in photo.

About vintage and antique crystal perfume bottle stopper pendants:

A few years ago I discovered an entire collection of Antique/Vintage Crystal Perfume bottle top/stoppers, from an eclectic Antique dealer in London. I was spellbound by these beautiful treasures of a bygone era, and the minute I saw them, I KNEW they would make glorious, bespoke pendants, and that’s just what I’ve done.
I turned each top upside down and set it in solid sterling silver, then added either Swarovski Crystals or Fresh Water Pearls as added bling. These remarkable one of a kind treasures are true “Renee Blackwell Design” originals.
The pendants are all one of a kind and can be worn long or short on a chain, cuff or pearls for ultimate versatility.

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Rave Review:

Renee’s jewellery is absolutely stunning! I love that she sources the most unique items to create beautiful individual pieces like my 18th C. French brass button set in sterling silver. It is my most treasured piece and I love that it has a history that pre-dates me! Linda