Intricate Antique Spoon Handle & Sterling Silver/Gold Daisy Earrings #BBK


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Renee says: “One of my newer “iconic” RBD earring creations, which I am super thrilled with! I sourced my antique and vintage spoon and cutlery sets at the “Silver Vaults” in London a few years ago. I then set the handle part of the silver plated spoon as the feature part of the earring. These are particularly intricate and with a glorious detailed pattern. I then dangled these from my sterling silver and gold plated daisy stud/post earrings, to create a classy and classic earring. Light and easy on the ears, these one of a kind treasures will soon become your all time favourites!”

Length: 2.25 inches   57.15 mm     See photo of earrings next to Australian .20 cent coin for size reference.