Click For Close Up View of These Stunning Swarovski Crystal Earrings! #BIL4


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Renee says: “There really are not enough words to describe how gloriously beautiful these shimmery Swarovski crystals are, and photos can not capture their glory either! I call the crystals “Black Peacock”, throwing so many different colours! Set as always in solid sterling silver, I’ve dangled these from my newer ear wire with a bit of dot detail. Comfy on the ears, this pair can be worn dressy, casual or anytime in between. You will love these one of a kind treasures, I guarantee it! Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

Length: 1.25 inches   31.75 mm  See photo of earrings next to Australian .50 cent coin for size reference.

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About Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski® is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovation excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design, and lighting industries across the globe.
Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes, and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer a fabulous palette of inspiration and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free* Advanced Crystal standard.

Rave Review:

Renee’s jewellery is absolutely stunning! I love that she sources the most unique items to create beautiful individual pieces like my 18th C. French brass button set in sterling silver. It is my most treasured piece and I love that it has a history that pre-dates me! Linda