Superb Swarovski Crystal Earrings! #PPO


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Renee says: “I do not hesitate to call these earrings SPECTACULAR! The most beautiful purple Swarovski crystals, which I’ve set in solid sterling silver and dangled from my new sleek ear wire. Read below about the crystals….”

Length: 1.5 inches   38.1 mm   See photo of earrings next to Australian .10 cent coin for size reference.

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Swarovski Sea Urchin Round Crystals

A harmonious interplay of matte (frosted) and shiny surfaces in these Sea Urchin Swarovski Crystals creates an irregular star shape reminiscent of the spiky sea urchin in the centre, while the back of the crystal is a classic shape.

Celine Cousteau, the designer for the Sea Urchin Crystal, is a celebrated filmmaker, marine conservationist, and the granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau.


Rave Review:

As a avid Renee Blackwell Jewellery Design wearer since 2000 – I just received my latest gorgeous gold vermeil earrings – just what I wanted – light gold and easy care … wore them last night for my first Christmas Cheer party. I was complimented and would highly recommend RBJD for the first class service and high quality of her jewellery. Maree