Phenomenal “Mystic Topaz” Stud/Post Earrings #FFG5


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Renee says: “Phenomenal, indeed! Another one of a kind treasure fresh from the studio. Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

See photo of earrings next to Australian 1.00 coin for size reference.

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Mystic topaz:

Mystic Topaz is a stunning gemstone that throws a rainbow of iridescent colours unlike any other gemstone! This beautiful colour variation is created with a specific process that enhances a natural topaz stone. This beautiful gem was first created in the late 1990’s by a company in the US. They successfully developed a proprietary process for treating Topaz stones to make the amazing rainbow effect that is completely unique. The “new gemstone” is named “Mystic Topaz” and quickly gained popularity around the world. “Mystic” comes from the mystical and magical appearance of the stone, with the stunning array of colour mimicking the wonder of peacock feathers.

Rave Review:

“As a fashion and style blogger, nothing excites me more than discovering designers doing amazingly creative things. And when those “things” are stunning accessories that make a woman feel good every time they wear them, then that’s a winning combination. That’s what I love about Reneé Blackwell’s pieces.” Nikki Parkinson