Flash Sale! Colourful Vintage Venetian Glass Button Earrings #BGP



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Renee says: “Sparkling, distinctive and colourful is the best way I can describe these one of a kind vintage button earrings-true Renee Blackwell Design treasures!  They are Venetian glass from the 1940’s era, set in solid sterling silver and dangling from my newer spiral ear wire. Light and easy on the ears they throw rainbow colours of blue, pink and green. If you like what you see in the photos, I guarantee you will love these dancing from your ears! Vintage button earrings…treasures from a bygone era to cherish today! Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

Length: 1.5 inches   38.1 mm    See photo of earrings next to Australian .10 cent coin for size reference.

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Rave Review:

Absolutely amazing jewellery with a uniqueness of its own, showcasing the talent and warmth of the creator, Renee….I have several of her pieces already and wait anxiously for new photos of pieces for sale. Kathleen