Black & Red Vintage Button Earring Treasures! #SWBS


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Renée says: “These delightful earrings feature not one, but two vintage 1940’s era glass Czechoslovakian buttons set in sterling silver. Dancing from the sleek, modern sterling silver ear wire they are light and easy on the ears. The top button is shiny black edged in gold, with the bottom button a red/black reverse triangle shape. These earrings can be worn dressy, casual or in between for versatility. Super unique & beautiful, they will surly put a smile on your face every time you wear them. Vintage Czechoslovakian button earrings-Keepsakes from a bygone era to cherish today!  Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

“Like the frosting on a cupcake, the perfect set of earrings is the ideal topping to any fabulous ensemble.”

Length: 2.25 inches   57 mm   See photo of earrings next to Australian .20 cent coin for size reference.

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Rave Review:

“As a fashion and style blogger, nothing excites me more than discovering designers doing amazingly creative things. And when those “things” are stunning accessories that make a woman feel good every time they wear them, then that’s a winning combination. That’s what I love about Reneé Blackwell’s pieces.” Nikki Parkinson

About Vintage Czechoslovakian Glass Buttons:

The majority of glass buttons created during the 20th century were made in what is now the Czech Republic, handmade by skilled button makers. In 1918 to mid 1940’s era, popular styles of glass buttons include pictorial, cut crystal and realistic which is like pictorials. Art Deco styles started to appear during the Art Deco period. Through the years the button production slowed, especially during WW2, and then started again and skilled button makers refined their skills. Some of the most beautiful, colorful glass buttons came from Czechoslovakia. Today many vintage glass buttons are referred to as Czech glass.