Timeless Antique Button & Pearl Pendant-Includes Silver Chain! #EG8


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Renee says: ”This pendant features an 1800’s era brass button set with the lustrous white pearl, in sterling silver. A timeless piece to wear & cherish for years! This beautiful pendant will never date or go out of style, truly “wearable history.” I have “Colour Washed” the button in vibrant shades of cobalt blue, golden yellow & green, then burnished back for an “old world” patina. The pattern/design within the button is classic and lovely. Scroll thru’ images for up close peek at another one of a kind treasure, fresh from the studio!”

Length:  2.5 inches   63 mm   See photo of pendant next to Australian 1.00 coin for size reference.

Includes silver chain as shown in photos.

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Antique Buttons: Most Antique buttons were manufactured in Europe by master craftsmen and are beautifully detailed and well made. The buttons I’ve used in this collection are a combination of metals such as steel, silver, copper, pewter or brass. I have sourced the buttons in France, England and South America, hand selected for their uniqueness & interest. I have “Colour Washed” the buttons with a permanent metal paint, which is similar to an enamel. Each pendant is a one of a kind treasure!

Rave Review:

Thank you Renee. My beautiful earrings arrived today. They’re so pretty and sparkly. I love them. Also, I love the packaging, so well presented. Just brilliant! Diana