Flash Sale! Horse Lovers Vintage Button Pendant-Includes Silver Chain! #ICVV



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Renee says: “Delightful vintage black French button with detailed golden horse head, set in sterling silver as a feature pendant. The smaller vintage 1940’s glass Czechoslovakian button (top) is the perfect addition. This pendant looks great worn on a long or short chain, cuff, pearls or leather cord for versatility. (Silver chain as shown in photos included.) This is a piece you will wear and enjoy for years to come, never dating or going out of style. True Renee Blackwell classics! Scroll thru’ photos for up close peek.”

Length: 2.25 inches   57 mm   See photos of pendant next to Australian .20 cent coin for size reference.

Includes silver cord as shown in photos.

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Rave Review:

Renee Blackwell, I ordered a pendant for my wife’s 40th birthday, and to say she was delighted is an understatement. She has a few of your pieces and has enjoyed wearing them over the years, so I was pretty sure she would like another piece. Your designs are true works of art. Thanks! Larry S.  Perth, Australia