Flash Sale! Classic New Zealand “Twist” Pendant #PB32



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Renee says: ” A Maori twist symbolizes the path of life. It is believed to have been based on Maori kete basket weaving. The path of life takes many twists and turns but carries on regardless. In the case of the twist, the design means the path of life and can be called the Maori Eternity Symbol.

This piece looks great worn with a silver chain or a black leather cord, for versatility (Black cord included.)  I purchased this hand carved symbol on a trip to New Zealand a few years ago, then set it in sterling silver as a feature pendant. The piece has inlay of sterling silver, which adds to the overall effect. Remarkably beautiful and unique, this is a pendant is a true delight. Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

Does not include silver chain, but does include black leather cord.

Length: 3 inches   76 mm

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Rave Review:

“When you buy a piece of Renee Blackwell jewellery, you’re not just buying something pretty to accessorize an outfit with, you’re buying a story.  I love how each element in Renee’s pieces has a story — a history, a providence, and that the final piece she designs creates a new story from the curated elements she uniquely brings together.  Renee’s design aesthetic and eye for beauty is so well honed, you feel like you’re wearing a little bit of art that happens to be gorgeous!” – Jill   Sunshine Coast, Australia