Fanciful & Classy Vintage Czechoslovakian Button Earrings #DTY6


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Renee says: “Yes, I have described these vintage glass Czechoslovakian button earrings as both Fanciful and Classy! Super shiny white with silver patterned buttons, which I’ve set in sterling silver and dangled from my new sleek ear wire, which I classify as medium length. See dimensions below. I have worked with the vintage Czechoslovakian buttons for many years and never tire of their beauty and unique charm. Another one of a kind pair from the studio of RBD. Vintage button earrings…treasures from a by gone era to cherish today.”

Length: 2 inches   50.8 mm   See photo of earrings next to Australian 1.00 coin for size reference.

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About Vintage Czechoslovakian Glass Buttons:

The majority of glass buttons made during the 20th century were made in what is now Czechoslovakia, handmade by skilled button makers. In 1918 to mid 1940’s era, popular styles of glass buttons include pictorial, cut crystal and realistic which is like pictorials. Art Deco styles started to appear during the Art Deco period. Through the years the button production slowed, especially during WW2, and then started again and skilled button makers refined their skills. Some of the most beautiful, colorful glass buttons came from Czechoslovakia. Today many vintage glass buttons are referred to as Czech glass.

Rave Review:

I am now delighted to own 4 pairs of earrings by Renee. Each pair is beautiful, gracefully and artistically designed, and crafted to perfection. I love how the pieces have substance, weight of silver and stones. True quality, like I’ve never had before. I guess that’s what Designer jewelry means, a huge cut above the everyday. I feel yummy when I wear Renee’s artistry. Thank you, Renee, for so much beauty!