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Multi award winning  jeweller Renee Blackwell’s workshop/studio “Harmony House” is located in the heart of her tranquil Eco-property, set among the Australian bush. As a unique jewellery designer, this peaceful environment is where her inspirations converge, creating her exquisite jewellery collections. Her lifelong passion with adornment began nearly 30 years ago on a trip to East Africa. Her eyes, ears and heart were opened to the exciting possibilities of personal adornment. Experiencing the stunning African landscape  and discovering the beautiful fabrics, beads and carvings of the East African people, touched her in a way that has stayed with her over the years. Since then the direction of her life has been gently steered toward the pursuit of all things beautiful and Renee is blessed with the opportunity to make several international trips each year collecting fascinating gemstones, beads, antique buttons, artifacts and adornments from some of the world’s most remote locations. Through her travels many doors of opportunity have opened both personally and business wise, meeting wonderful individuals of all ages, backgrounds and religions, many touching her  life in big and small ways. “Harmony House” is situated on their beautiful 50 acre property Hazelwild Retreat, set among the tranquil Australian bush. This is where Renee works in peace, harmony and with great inspiration, creating jewellery to nourish and uplift. “My jewellery is a reflection of all I am and have become. It’s a pleasure to share the passion of my life’s work with you as you wear your favorite treasure, each piece designed and assembled for you with love and joy.”

Unique Jewellery Designer Renee Blackwell

Managing Director, Renee Blackwell Design