Rare & Unique Centaur Vintage Button Pendant #COL8


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Renee says: “A most remarkable vintage pewter “Centaur” button, which I’ve set in sterling silver as feature pendant. There are not enough words to describe how much I love this pendant which is remarkable in every way. (See a bit about the “Centaur” below.) I have shown this piece on a cuff and pearls, but it also look great worn on a long silver chain. This is a real statement piece, never dating or going out of style…very much piece of mythological history! Scroll thru’ images for up close peek. Vintage button pendants….treasures from a by gone era to cherish today!”

Length: 2.25 inches   57.15 mm   See photo of pendant next to Australian 2.00 coin for size reference.

Does not include silver cuff or pearls as shown in photos.

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Rave Review:

As a avid Renee Blackwell Jewellery Design wearer since 2000 – I just received my latest gorgeous gold vermeil earrings – Just what I wanted! I wore them last night for my first Christmas Cheer party. I was complimented several times and would highly recommend RBJD for the first class service and high quality of her jewellery. Maree

What is a Centaur?

A centaur, or occasionally hippocentaur, is a mythological creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse. Though female centaurs, called centaurides or centauresses, are not mentioned in early Greek literature and art, they do appear later in antiquity.


Art by Larry Elmore