Remarkable Tasmanian “Serpentine/Stitchtite Stone Pendant #RST


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Renee says: “It’s hard to believe, but these are the true and natural colours of this remarkable stone, found ONLY in Tasmania, Australia! It’s called “Serpentine with Stitchtite” and it’s a beautiful rich green with purple. I’ve set this glorious stone as always in solid sterling silver and dangled from the black cord necklace. (Which I am including.) The pendant would also work well on a silver cuff or chain. I am married to a Tasmanian, and have spent lots of time on this remarkable island state, it’s natural beauty and charm are a joy! If this piece speaks to you, be quick as I know it will not last. Click on images for up close peek.”

Length: Slightly over 2 inches   50.8 mm

Includes black cord necklace as shown in photo.

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About “Serpentine/Stitchtite Semi Precious Stone:

Also known as “Atlantisite” this beautiful rare combination of Serpentine (green) and Stitchtite (purple) minerals are only found on Tasmania’s wild West Coast. First discovered in 1910 by railway workers making the Argents Tunnel near Zeehan, this rare mineral was name after Robert Sticht the manager of the Mt Lyell Mine at nearby Queenstown. Stichtite is formed by the alteration of chromite in serpentine, this unique material is mined at Mount Dundas just south of Zeehan.

Photo below of the stone in it’s natural, unpolished or cut form….remarkable!