Lovely Red & Chocolate Brown Vintage Italian Button Earrings #IBR


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Renee says: “Lovely vintage 1950’s era Italian buttons, with “Siam Red” crystals, set in solid sterling silver as two drops. The buttons are a rich red, with chocolate/mocha in the middle. This is my new double drop earring design, super classy on the ear-those Italians have such a flair for style…even with their buttons! These are one of a kind originals by Renee, that will delight and charm you! Click on images for up close peek.”

Length: 1.5 inches

One of a kind.

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Rave Review:

“As a fashion and style blogger, nothing excites me more than discovering designers doing amazingly creative things. And when those “things” are stunning accessories that make a woman feel good every time they wear them, then that’s a winning combination. That’s what I love about Rene? Blackwell’s pieces.”

Nikki Parkinson