Flash Sale! “Strong Lady in Hat” Vintage Button & Crystal Earrings #HMV3



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Renee says: “These are among the most unusual and interesting buttons I’ve used to created earrings with…and I LOVE them! Set as always in solid sterling silver the “Strong Lady in Hat” image has wonderfully intricate detail. I have added the super sparkly lemon/lime Swarovski crystals & dangled from my sterling silver ear wire. This ear wire has a nice spiral at the top, for added effect. One of a kind treasures fresh from the studio, these charming vintage  button earrings are sure to put a smile on your face…treasures from a by gone era to cherish today. Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

“Like the frosting on a cupcake, the perfect set of earrings is the ideal topping to any fabulous ensemble.”

Length: 3 inches   76.2 mm   See photo of earrings next to Australian

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Rave Review:

I received a lovely pair of earrings from my sister. They came from Renee Blackwell Design, Queensland, Australia. They are so very elegant, so classy that they will be my go-to earrings. I have known Renee for many years and have other pieces she has made, and they are the most unique and special pieces that I own. When I wear them, I always get the nicest compliments! Janet