Glorious “Colour Washed” Fan & Crystal Earrings #VH18


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Renee says: “A few years ago when visiting the USA, I learned a jewellery process called: “Colour Wash”. It allows me to paint/enamel onto metal, and it becomes permanent. Since then I have “Colour Washed” many earrings and pendants, allowing me to add colour and texture to these pieces. I then rub and burnish back to show detail of metal beneath. I have used this process on these beautiful, delicate fans in shades of greens, purples and blues. I have added Swarovski Crystals for added beauty. Light and easy on the ears, these one of a kind bespoke earrings are without a doubt some of my favourites! Click on images for up close peek.”

Length: 2 inches   50.8 mm   See photo of earrings next to Austrlian .10 cent coin for size reference.

One of a kind.

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Rave Review:

Renee’s jewellery is absolutely stunning! I love that she sources the most unique items to create beautiful individual pieces like my 18th C. French brass button set in sterling silver. It is my most treasured piece and I love that it has a history that pre-dates me! Linda