Colourful! Petite Vintage Button Pendant-Includes Black Leather Cord! #TBGR


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Renee says: “Introducing the first in a collection of petite antique button pendants that I’ve longed to share. These delicate pieces are notably smaller than my previous antique button creations, roughly the size of an Australian 1.00 coin—refer to the photos for scale. This particular pendant showcases a pewter button adorned with a captivating Celtic design, “Colour Washed” in shades of pink, butterscotch, and purple. The meticulous process of burnishing the surface colour results in a delightful patina. Set in solid sterling silver, this versatile piece can be worn with the  leather cord (included)  a silver chain, cuff, or pearls. More than a pendant, it’s a timeless accessory, “Wearable history’ that will never go out of style. Explore the images for an up-close look at this one-of-a-kind treasure, fresh from the studio—a perfect blend of antique charm and contemporary elegance.”

Scroll thru’ images for up close peek at another one of a kind treasure, fresh from the studio!”

“Everything you expect in bespoke, one of a kind jewellery!”

Length: 1.5 inches   38 mm   See photo of pendant next to Australian 1.00 coin for size reference.

Includes black leather cord as shown in photos.

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Rave Review:

“What can I say about the fabulous designs of the wonderfully talented Reneé Blackwell? I don’t class any of my pieces as jewellery -they are wearable art. I am fortunate enough to own several pieces, and each time I wear one, I get asked: “Where did I get it?” The other thing I love about Reneé’s work is each piece makes me very happy when I am wearing it. Love the lady and love her work.” Chrissi, Sunshine Coast, Australia