Colourful Butterfly Earrings Guaranteed to Delight! #DZAA


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These delightful butterflies are NOT buttons, but I don’t have a miscellaneous category, so here they are!

Renée says: “I found these copper butterflies in a little curio shop in London a few years ago and knew they would make for a charming pair of earrings. I applied a “Colour Wash” in rich shades of purple, pink, green & fuchsia, then burnished the colour to achieve a lovely patina. I then set the butterflies in sterling silver and dangled from the sterling silver ear wire. This ear wire has a lightly textured finish and sits close and comfy on the ears. If you like what you see in the photos, I guarantee you will enjoy these one of a kind treasures as part of your earring wardrobe. Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

“Everything you expect in bespoke, one of a kind jewellery.”

Length: 1.5 inches   38 mm   See photo of earrings next to Australian 2.00 coin for size reference.

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Rave Review:

“As a fashion and style blogger, nothing excites me more than discovering designers doing amazingly creative things. And when those “things” are stunning accessories that make a woman feel good every time they wear them, then that’s a winning combination. That’s what I love about Reneé Blackwell’s pieces.” Nikki Parkinson