Classic White Fresh Water Pearls-Timeless Beauty! #PPOI


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Renee says: “Gorgeous strand of classic white round fresh water pearls, traditionally hand knotted with a sterling silver “bolt ring” clasp. This allows you to wear most (not all) pendants in the front, with the pearls as the “chain”. This is a beautiful strand of fresh water pearls which I designed to be worn with most of my pendants. See examples of different pendants in photos. It can also be worn with the clasp at the back for a simple, yet elegant look. These are top grade fresh water pearls, which are hand knotted here in Australia, in the traditional Chinese method for longevity and strength. You will be thrilled to own these amazing fresh water pearls-A truly gorgeous strand and wonderful quality. Due to the natural way pearls are formed, color and size will vary slightly from pearl to pearl. “Imperfections” are a natural part of these fresh water pearls. Click on images for up close peek.”

Length: 22 inches

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Does not include pendant as shown in photos.

Care of Fresh Water Pearls

Pearls are remarkably durable and can maintain their exquisite lustre for many generations, however it is important to remember that pearls are an organic gem that require and will respond to special care.

Ideally, any makeup and hair products should be applied before you put your pearls on. Pearls are porous, therefore contact with moisturisers, sunscreens and deodorants should be avoided as it can, overtime, dull their lustre and cause marks and spots. Also avoid spraying any perfume where you intend to wear your pearls.

Be sure to store your pearls away from other jewellery items to avoid being scratched or marked. It is also recommended not to store your pearls in coloured boxes for long periods as they can absorb the colour.

The best way to care for your pearls is to wear them often as the body’s natural oils tend to keep them lustrous, however always avoid playing sports as perspiration can dull lustre on the pearl. Also avoid swimming, showering, or any contact with chlorinated water while wearing your pearls.

If worn often, wipe your pearls with a soft damp cloth, there is no need for commercial, ultrasonic or steam cleaning solutions, your pearls will react naturally to a chemical-free clean.

Rave Review:

Hi Renee, Thanks for my button earrings received today in cold, wet, old Melbourne but they certainly brightened my day on their arrival! They are just perfect, and yes you are correct, even better in real life. They looked great on your recent video and I am thrilled with them. Many thanks, Anndrea