New Zealand Pau Shell Button Earrings With Spiral Ear Wire #BPS3


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Renee says: “These remarkable buttons are made from the glorious New Zealand Pau Shell, with added black swirl pattern for added effect. I have long loved the natural colours of this beautiful shell-Shiny/Shimmery blues and greens. Set in solid sterling silver, I have dangled these from my newer “swirl” sterling silver ear wire. I consider the buttons to be medium sized, see photo next to Australian .20 cent coin for size reference. A pair sure to delight!”

Length: 2 inches   50.8 mm    See earrings next to Australian .20 cent coin for size reference.

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What is Pau Shell?

Paua is a species of abalone (Haliotis Iris), with a very special shell. It is only found in the seas around New Zealand. This marine snails eats seaweed and lives clinging to the rocks at depths of 1-10 metres, normally found around most of the NZ rocky shoreline, but it grows biggest and  best in the cold waters around Stewart Is. Paua shell is the most colourful of all the abalone shells.

Rave Review:

Renee, What beautiful earrings! I had almost forgotten how special your jewellery is. Loved the special care with packaging and the beautiful logo ribbon. You blitzed it! Beth