Vintage Spoon Handle Earrings With Crystal Ear Wire! #GBMF


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Renee says: “I’ve had this idea for ages, and finally finished a few pairs in the studio today. These are vintage sterling plated spoon handles, which I found at the Silver Vaults in London a few years ago. The floral detail is remarkable, making for an exceptional pair of earrings. I have cut and shaped the spoon handle, then dangled these from my newer sterling ear wire with a beautiful crystal for added bling. These beautiful earrings are a result of “the ultimate up cycle-See description below. Light and easy on the ears these are a most beautiful pair guaranteed to delight! Scroll thru’ images for up close peek.”

“Like the frosting on a cupcake, the perfect set of earrings is the ideal topping to any fabulous ensemble.”

Upcycling is when you reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. Recycling is when you convert (waste) into reusable material. When you recycle an item, it goes back into production and is transformed into a completely different item.

Length: 2.75 inches   69.85 mm   See photo of earrings next to Australian .10 cent & 1.00 coin for size reference.

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Rave Review:

“What can I say about the fabulous designs of the wonderfully talented Reneé Blackwell? I don’t class any of my pieces as jewellery -they are wearable art. I am fortunate enough to own several pieces, and each time I wear one, I get asked: “Where did I get it?” The other thing I love about Reneé’s work is each piece makes me very happy when I am wearing it. Love the lady and love her work.” Chrissi