Peach Pearl & Antique Crown Button Pendant #PCF5


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Renee says: “I have combined a beautiful peachy fresh water pearl with the vintage crown button and set in solid sterling silver as a “Petite” pendant. I call this petite, as it’s a bit smaller than many of my pieces, which makes it perfect if you favour pieces that are a bit smaller. This lovely pendant works well with a silver chain or cuff, black cord or pearls for ultimate versatility. The crown image has great detail and is brushed with black for an old world look. Vintage buttons…treasures from a bygone era to cherish today. Scroll thru’ images for up close peek at a pendant you will wear and enjoy for years to come.”

Includes leather cord as shown in first image. (But not silver chain)

Length: 1.75 inches   44.45 mm    See photo of pendant next to Australian .20 cent coin for size reference.

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Antique Picture Buttons:
Making their appearance in the mid 1800’s era, Picture Buttons became fashionable by the late 1870’s and were made until about the 1920’s. Most were manufactured in Europe by master craftsmen and are remarkably beautiful and well made. A Picture Button is metal, sometimes a combination of metals such as steel, silver, copper or brass. Many of these buttons have been given names, either when they were originally made or later as to identify them for collectors. Many Picture Buttons feature designs that depict fables, myths, operas, scenes or popular items of the era. Picture Buttons are true miniature treasures from a bygone era.

Rave Review:

Hi Renee, Thanks for my button earrings received today in cold, wet, old Melbourne but they certainly brightened my day on their arrival! They are just perfect, and yes you are correct, even better in real life. They looked great on your recent video and I am thrilled with them. Many thanks, Anndrea