"I love that YOU love my jewellery designs! With heartfealt thanks....xoxoxox Renee

Renee’s Book: “Adornments from the Soul” #AFTS1

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Renee’s Book: “Adornments from the Soul” #AFTS1

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News Flash...this just in!

I am thrilled to announce my book has received first place in the Beverly Hills International Book awards, category "Crafts/Hobby".

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Renee says:"I am excited to be releasing my first book "Adornments From the Soul", an exploration of the relationship between the Patina and my Contemporary Jewellery Design. This is a beautiful coffee table book, a feast for the eyes which I feel will delight and inspire. Perfect for Renee jewellery collectors and those who love a beautiful book, full of colour and inspiration."

134 Glossy Pages

 If you would like your book signed, please let me know on your order form. (What name should the book be signed to.)

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Rave Reviews:

***Hi Renee
I saw the beautiful book at the home of a friend, Lillian here in Calgary. I just had to get a copy, it is BEAUTIFUL!!
I look forward to receiving it!
Denise Fay Brown, PhD

***Renee Blackwell’s book “Adornments from the Soul” is just as the title suggests, a soulful journey through that which is beautiful because it is aged, and that which is beautifully ageless. On one side of the pages, photos of the old; patinas, rusts and weathered colors are captured in clean lines and colors, perfectly partnering with her new, unique sparkling jewelry creations on the mirroring page.   We can see the balance of color and pattern that inspired Renee to choose just this stone and pair it with just that one, steering her design along the restrained palate of the patinas she so loves. A less sensitive artist may have missed that balance entirely.  She has access to stones and buttons from all over the world, and must face a dazzlingly wide selection of possible choices. Utilizing inspiration from something as lowly, as overlooked, even disliked as the results of wind, weather and time as her guide, her selections are soulfully satisfying.
Seattle, Washington

***I really like this book  full of photos of Renee’s characteristic  jewellery and ideal for my fashion mind in developing ideas for todays Fashion on the Field Hats. The interesting part of this book is the short story how Renee had used all the natural patina colours found during  her wide spread travels.  Makes me think the perfect match for any creative person to own and certainly would be a winner for my home and fashion studio.
All the best and looking forward to your second book, Renee Blackwell.
Maree DeGraw
of Maree Hats Maleny Qld.

***Renee's book Adornments from the Soul is a total delight. Aside from being a work of great beauty, it is clearly a labour of love. It is a showcase of her creativity, eye for colour and form, attention to detail and is utterly mouthwatering.

Margaret Thorsborne & Associates

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