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Gorgeous “Turning Pendant” #KIJ8

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Gorgeous “Turning Pendant” #KIJ8

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Renee says: "I came up with the design for my "turning pendants" one day while I was in my studio with a beautiful collection of vintage Czechoslovakian buttons I found in an Antique shop the Tasmania. These are vintage glass buttons from the late 1940's thru' to the mid-1950's era, in perfect condition, and absolutely delightful. All the buttons were the same size, which made it much easier to design a pendant that features two different buttons. I paired these buttons up with opposing colours for optimal effect and to give the wearer the opportunity for two distinctive pieces. Set in solid, hammered sterling silver, these pendants are one of a kind treasures. On this pendant, one button is a gorgeous dusty Mauve/Lavender, and the other is a lovely rich peacock blue with a beautiful rose image. These turning button pendants look great worn short or on a longer chain.  Click on images for up close peek."

Length:2.25 inches

Does not include pearls as shown in photo.

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