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Beautiful Antique Button Pendant #CFT5

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Beautiful Antique Button Pendant #CFT5

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Renee says: "Beautifully classic 1800's era Antique button, which I've set in sterling silver as feature pendant. These were called "picture or story" buttons and depicted many different images. This particular button is sweet floral and butterfly image-Very nice! I am showing this piece with a gold chain but also works with silver or pearls. The button is a brighter gold-tone, which works great for those who love to mix their gold and silver for a contemporary look. Click on images for up close detail...This pendant is sure to delight!"

Length: 2 inches. One of a kind.

Does not include silver or gold chain.

Free Postage!

Note: I am often asked how I know the age of the buttons I use. I have an extensive library of button books and can authenticate just about every button I use! I have also been to the international button festival in the USA twice, and once to the Melbourne, Australia button gathering. These events always host a great series of talks on buttons and I've learned so much about these wee and often rare treasures.

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