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Amazing “Colour Wash” Antique Button Pendant #GCW

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Amazing “Colour Wash” Antique Button Pendant #GCW

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Renee says: "I love working with the Antique metal buttons which are called: "Picture Buttons" as each one is a true treasure from a by gone era. These "Picture Buttons" were hand crafted in the mid to late 1800's by master craftsmen and have the most amazing detail. This brass button depicts a young girl with an umbrella, sitting on a ledge with a tower in the back ground. I have then "colour washed" the piece with blue and green and burnished back to show intricate details. Set in solid sterling silver this piece can easily be worn with a silver chain or cuff or pearls as shown in photos. A remarkable pendant you will treasure for years to come, click on the photos for an up close peek."

Length: Slightly over 2 inches. See photo with the pendant next to a Australian .50 cent coin.

One of a kind. Does not include pearls or chain as shown in photos.

Free Postage.

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