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Remarkable Australian Boulder Opal & Sky Blue Crystal #PBBO

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Remarkable Australian Boulder Opal & Sky Blue Crystal #PBBO

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Renee says: "Spectacular Australian boulder opal and Sky Blue crystal set in solid sterling silver as feature pendant. I can not stress how remarkable/gorgeous this stone is, straight from the earth! Here's the story behind the story: A friend of a friend, called one day and said their friend who has an opal mine in Queensland had just arrived at their studio with selection of opals, that usually gets sent straight to Europe. He had dug all this himself, as well as cut and polished each piece to perfection. Of course, I jumped in the car and drove over and spent the next several hours in "Opal Heaven" as I carefully selected several exquisite pieces. This is one of those pieces. I call this a Peacock Boulder Opal, as the rich blues, greens, aquas  are the exact colour of a peacocks feathers. I guarantee you will LOVE this pendant as much as I do, a true Australian treasure to cherish for years to come. Click on images for up close peek."

Length:2.75 inches

One of a kind. Does not include silver cuff as shown in photos.

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