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Superb “Colour Wash” Fushia/Blue Pendant #FBS3

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Superb “Colour Wash” Fushia/Blue Pendant #FBS3

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Renee says: "I have combined rich cobalt blue and hot pink/fushia in a "Colour Wash" to this beautiful single disc. pendant. Set in solid sterling silver, this piece can easily be worn on a short cuff, medium or long chain. The disc. has a gold tone to it, so can easily be worn with gold as well as silver chains. Interesting pattern on the piece, almost looks like a mandala. Click on images for up close peek-I know you will love this  piece as much as I do!"

Length: 2.5 inches long   1.5 inches wide

One of a kind. Does not include cuff, chain or pearls as shown in photos.

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