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Flash Sale! Charming Antique “Colour Washed” Button #PP6

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Flash Sale! Charming Antique “Colour Washed” Button #PP6

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Flash Sale:

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Renee says: "Antique brass button from the 1800's era which I've "Colour Washed" in rich pinks and purples, then rubbed back to show interesting pattern.  I've added a lovely fresh water pearl  and set as always in solid sterling silver as a feature pendant. I am including the pink cord/rope with this piece, but the pendant also works with a silver or cold chain. If you favour pinks and purples, but also love the Antique buttons, this piece is for You! Click on images for up close peek."

Length: 2.25 inches

Free Postage World Wide!

Note: I am often asked how I know the age of the buttons I use. I have an extensive library of button books and can authenticate just about every button I use! I have also been to the international button festival in the USA twice, and once to the Melbourne, Australia button gathering. These events always host a great series of talks on buttons and I've learned so much about these wee and often rare treasures.

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