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Glamorous Vintage Hollywood Earrings “The Vivien” #VLO9

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Glamorous Vintage Hollywood Earrings “The Vivien” #VLO9

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Renee says:"I call this pair "The Vivien" in honour of the staggeringly beautiful Vivien Leigh. I'll never forget watching "Gone With The Wind" at the movie theater with my Mom, and walking away thinking Vivien Leigh was without a doubt the most beautiful woman on the planet. Components from top to bottom include Vintage Swarovski Crystal, Fresh water pearls, and three Vintage French crystals in blues and purples, from the 1940's-50's era a set in solid sterling silver. Slightly over three inches, these stunning earrings are super light and easy on the ears. Superb colour combination! Wear these for your most special event, lunch with a girlfriend or just because life is wonderfully fun. Click on images for up close peek."


I began thinking about a collection of super-bling, over the top beautiful earrings based on the vintage crystals I've collected (mainly from Paris), over the years. These crystals are primarily from the 1940's-50's era, and so special-Reflecting not only their sublime colours, but the glamour and romance of yesteryear. Add this to my love of all things "Old School Hollywood" and the amazing female sirens of yesterdays big screen, and the concept was born. To design a collection of earrings that reflect the glamour and "WOW" of each of these women-Each pair of earrings is named after:

Ava Gardner
Ginger Rogers
Mae West
Vivien Leigh
Lauren Bacall
to name just a few....
I then spent the better part of a week in Beverly Hills a few months ago-Several trips to the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, an authentic step back into the luxury and old world Hollywood charm, was further inspiration. (Yes, I spotted a few Hollywood greats while much fun!) And now, I am thrilled to be releasing this very special collection for you to love, wear and enjoy for years to come."

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 1.56.47 pm

xoxoxo  Renee

Length: Slightly over 3 inches.

One of a kind.

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